Parent Resources

Here are a number of resources that may help you as a parent. If there is something you are looking for please leave a comment.

Article providing suggestions- Remember that your support at home is not going to look just like a regular school day:

Day to Day suggestions- Scholastic is providing free day by day resources to facilitate at home learning.

Community Resources- Ingham County provides a resource guide for accessing support. If you are needing help look through the guide. They have resources to address housing, food, medical services, support for elderly, and emergency/disaster resources. It is a great place to start when you need help and don’t know who to call. Available at

Free Internet- Families who meet financial requirements will be eligible for 60 days of free internet services to help student access the internet during the shutdown.

Daily Schedule- One of the things that supports learning in the classroom is the consistency. By providing a schedule students understand what is expected of them. Especially during times that feel chaotic the comfort of a schedule can help create a sense of order. You can create a schedule that works for your family, but here is a sample to get you started.

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